Accident & Emergency

Accident & Trauma Care Centre

The Trauma Care Centre at Ernakulam Medical Centre, opened as part of the Accident & Emergency Department in 1994, was the first of its kind in Kochi. The team of specialized doctors and paramedics here are well-equipped for handling emergency life saving intervention & resuscitation and surgical procedures. Specialists from other departments including general surgeons, neuro surgeons, orthopaedicians, cardiologists and pulmonologists are always available to ensure timely attention. The Centre also has separate intensive care units working 24 hours to provide top quality emergency care in cases of trauma and burns.

Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU)

The TICU forms an integral unit in the hospital to provide immediate response to medical and surgical emergencies including polytrauma conditions.

The facilities provided by this unit include:

  • 24 Hour casualty care
  • Most advanced emergency care equipments to monitor the patients’ condition
  • Round the clock consultancy backup by the in-house specialists from other departments
  • Availability of expert surgeons from neurology and orthopaedics
  • Skilled paramedical and nursing care on a one-to-one basis for each patient
  • Immediate access to other support services like Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radio diagnosis & Imaging
  • Availability of a state-of-the-art critical care ambulance

Team of Doctors

  • Dr. P M Chacko , MBBS, DSS, FAMS (Vienna)
  • Dr. Abdul Salam C K , MBBS
    Casualty Medical Officer