accident emergency department

The Accident & Emergency department, also commonly known as the Casualty Department is a very important unit in the hospital providing emergency medicines and urgent care to all categories of patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The care provided is normally for critically ill or injured persons who need urgent care and medical attention.

accident emergency department
The Trauma Care Centre opened in the year 1994 was the first of its kind in Kochi. Easy accessibility, excellent service and top class facilities provided by the hospital have made the Accident & Emergency department of Ernakulam Medical Centre, the first choice for patients who are in need of urgent care.

The Casualty department consists of a team of specialized doctors and paramedical staff trained for handling emergency life-saving intervention & resuscitation procedures. Specialists from other departments such as Orthopaedics, Neuro Sciences, General Surgery, Cardiology and General Medicine are always available to handle any emergency situations.

The accident & emergency department provides medical care in cases such as:

• Major injuries from road traffic accidents
• Accidents at workplace or home
• Assaults
• Extensive burns
• Snake bites
• Epileptic fits
• Collapse
• Severe breathing difficulty
• Severe chest pain
• Suspected stroke
• Severe bleeding that will not stop
• Poisoning

Trauma Care Centre for handling polytrauma and mass casualties

Polytrauma or multiple trauma is the medical condition where a person is subjected to a number of traumatic injuries, such as a head injury along with other broken bones at the same time, as in the case of accidents on the road or in the construction work-sites. In most cases, such a situation warrants an immediate response from a specialist surgeon(s) to handle such life-threatening emergencies.

As a pioneer in the region for handling accident cases for the last 30 years, we have an excellent support system to handle most cases of trauma and mass casualties.

Equipped with excellent operating suites and surgical intensive care units, the department along with the specialist surgeons and anesthetists offer 24×7 surgical care to critically ill patients.

Other Services Provided

Wound Dressings
• Suturing & Suture removal
• Ear Piercing – ( for babies older than 3 months)
• Handling of medico-legal procedures in cases of accidents
• Ambulance services

accident emergency department
The facilities available in the department include the following:

• A specialized ICU with 6 beds providing one-to-one nursing care
• Modern operating theaters for handling complicated surgeries
• State-of-the-art intensive care units for post-operative care
• Facilities such as Pharmacy, Clinical laboratory, X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan available round the clock
• Availability of specialized critical ambulance for patients

accident emergency department
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Dr. P.M. Chacko, MBBS, DSS, FAMS(Vienna)
Head of the Department, Senior Consultant in Critical Cate and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Abdul Salam C K, MBBS
Casualty Medical Officer


• Our Accident & Emergency unit operates round the clock on all days, including Sundays and holidays.
• No prior appointment is required to avail the services of this department.
• For any other emergency help, you may please contact our Public Relations desk through

(0484) 2807266 OR

(0484) 2807000 OR

(0484) 2807101 Extension – 454