diagnostic imaging

The Radiology Department in the EMC provides diagnostic imaging, therapeutic and consultative radiology services using the most advanced equipment. The team of certified radiologists and trained technologists share a commitment to personalized care.

We do not use any radioactive isotopes for our investigation purposes. Our radiography units are fully computerized and hence free from chemicals. Only good images are filmed and this helps us to limit the occurrence of repetitive studies.

The radiology services in the hospital are available round the clock.

diagnostic imaging
The department provides the following diagnostic imaging and radiography services:
CT scan
Brain, Thorax, Abdomen Pelvis, Spine, KUB, Urogram, Neck, 3D CT, (plain/contrast) HRCT, Orbit, PNS, CT multiphase, CT angiogram – small parts, Extremities, and Joints

Abdomen/pelvis, obstetrics, thyroid, breast, testis, orbits, paediatric brain, transabdominal, transvaginal, transrectal

Color Doppler Scanning
Obstetrics, abdomen pelvis, neck vessels, peripheral veins, peripheral arteries, testis

• Plain radiography
• Barium studies
• Guided FNAC / Biopsy
• Intra venous urethrogram
• Micturating cysto urethrogram
• Hysterosalpingography
• Venogram
• Sialogram

diagnostic imaging
We are equipped with Diagnostic radiographic equipment like, Color Doppler, Ultrasound equipment as well as a multi-slice CT scanner which caters to the needs of our patients from various specialties. We have two fixed, two portable radiographic types of equipment and two C – arm units. Separate equipment is also available in the dental department.

diagnostic imaging
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Dr. Asghar Majeed, DMRD
Consultant Radiologist