cardiothoracic surgery

The department of cardiothoracic surgery has the facilities for the management of planned cardio thoracic surgical procedures and also for the emergency and continued management pertaining to the specialty, including accident case. At present the facilities are linked to the undertaking of closed cardiac surgical procedures and also all types of surgical thoracic procedures.

Fully fledged cardiac surgical care including open heart surgery and ancillary cardiac interventional procedures are feasible with full supportive measures from the cardiological facilities for the above purposes.

cardiothoracic surgery
Our cardio thoracic surgical team consists of qualified and well experienced doctors. Following are the consultants:

• Outpatient and inpatient care
• Emergency and continued management of accident cases with multi organ failures
• Thoracic surgical procedures and
• Closed cardiac surgical procedures

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cardiothoracic surgery
Department of Anaestheisa is fully qualified to undertake all thoracic surgical procedures and selective cardiac surgical procedures as described above. Same also applies to clinical cardiology back up and Pulmonology and general medical back up.

cardiothoracic surgery
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Dr. Nasser Yusuf, MS, MCH, FIACS (Cardiothoracic surgery)
Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon