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Losing weight can not only reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, it could also reduce the risk of getting 12 different Cancers.Various studies have identified the link between Obesity and Cancer .
The report , presented at the European conference on obesity in Vienna revealed obesity is now linked to cancer of the liver, ovary, prostate , stomach, mouth and throat, bowel, breas,t gallbladder, kidney, oesophagus, pancreas and uterus .. The reasons why obesity is related to cancer are complex .
An excess of body fat can lead to chronic inflammation and may lead to excess insulin production, which can promote the growth of certain cancer cells. Fat can also act as a trigger for a number of hormonal cancers such as breast and uterine cancer. Obesity is often also related to lack of exercise and certain food habits, which can be further linked with cancer . Steps against obesity, and other risk factors for cancer such as tobacco, alcohol and physical inactivity are needed for cancer prevention.

An estimated 1.97 billion adults worldwide and more than 338 million children and teens were considered overweight or obese as of 2016. So, the rising rate of obesity will contribute to the rising incidence of Cancer in the future. Proper awareness on the effects of obesity and health is very essential.

Dr.C.N. Mohanan nair
Consultant Oncologist