We at EMC are committed to provide you and your loved ones a positive and respectful experience during your visits to our hospital. Also as part of our quality improvement policy, we strive to achieve and maintain international standards of service in healthcare through continuous improvement in our structure, processes and outcome.

This can be made possible only if we have open communication channels between the hospital management and the patient or their family members who visit us for service, Our Public Relations & Patient Services (PR&PS) department comprising a team of experienced, compassionate and dedicated staff will work with you to identify and resolve any concerns, complaints, comments or compliments that you may have regarding our service delivery through the various departments and outlets in the hospital.

The PR&PS department is headed by a full time manager during office hours or a team of public relations officers who are available on 24×7 basis on all days in our Accident & emergency department in the hospital. The primary focus of the department is to interact closely with the staff, patients and their relatives, provide bidirectional communication between the patients and the hospital and assist in creating a strong hospital image and culture. The department also serves as a liaison to the community and work closely with other health partners, government agencies and local bodies to ensure that the organizational mission of providing an excellent health care to its customers is achieved.
The services provided by the department broadly cover the following areas:

      • Providing information and assistance in accessing the various services, departments and facilities available in the hospital.
      • Emergency patient assistance in cases related to trauma, accidents.
      • Addressing patient concerns and grievance redressal based on the hospital policies.
      • Managing the hospital Help Desk.
      • Arranging patient transport through the ambulance services of the hospital, as required.
      • Providing internal movement of patients through wheelchairs and patient trolleys.
      • Protection of patient privacy and liaison with the hospital safety department on matters related to patient safety.
      • Providing information and assistance on patient rights and patient responsibilities as per the hospital policy.
      • Handling patient related non-clinical documentation.
      • Notifying the family of patients in matters relating to medical emergencies, as required.
      • Assistance in handling medico-legal cases brought to the hospital through the local police administration.
      • Providing assistance in the timely patient discharge process for inpatients.
      • Services of a medical social worker to provide psycho-social support to the patients and their families with problems that accompany an illness, its recovery and rehabilitation.
      • Provide assistance with the documentation of medical insurance claims for treatment in the hospital.
      • Co-ordinate the availability of special schemes in the hospital for senior citizen and other designated categories of patients.
      • Arranging programs for patient education on general healthcare issues through special clinics and other events on a routine basis.

You can telephone our public relations team round the clock on all days through any of the following numbers:
(0484) 2807266
(0484) 2807000
(0484) 2807101 Extension – 454