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ICU with 22 beds is well established and equipped with advanced mechanical ventilators (invasive & non invasive), multipara monitors, defibrillators, syringe pumps, dedicated ultrasound machine, Portable X-ray, CRRT machine, pulse oxymeters & ECG machines is the best adult ICU in Ernakulam.

The best adult ICU in Ernakulam is provided with modern patient beds with inbuilt safety devices and user friendly bed side furniture. Other amenities include portable emergency drug trolleys, purified drinking water, security cameras, and ventilation systems with hepa filters.

Invasive procedures such as percutanious trachiostomy, intercostal drainage, suprapubic catheterization, arterial and central venous catheter insertion, external ventricular drainage, intubation are done in the department.

The intensive care unit is always manned by a duty doctor and well managed by two experienced head nurses, shift in-charges and staff nurses with 1:1 nurse patient ratio.

Infection control practices are strictly monitored by an infection control team.

ICU provides the following services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

  • Inter disciplinary inpatient care for adults with a critical care diagnosis.
  • Observation of the total patient, expert assessment of the clinical status, detection of the earliest signs of complications and initiation of a program of treatment.
  • Modern instrumentation and equipment which is immediately available for the detection of changes in patient condition, continuous medication administration, life saving and supporting, and bed side diagnostic imaging system.
  • Unit provides comprehensive care of critically ill patients with single and multiple system failure including complex pulmonary, renal, neurological, hematological problems etc., in addition to trauma and post surgical patients who require advanced medical, nursing or respiratory care.
  • Full time qualified nursing staff service with 1: 1 nurse-patient ratio.