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best dietician in ernakulamNutrition is the study of the influence of food intake on our health and wellbeing. The importance of nutrition in the primary prevention of disease (public health nutrition) is recognized by governments in both developing and developed countries. Public health nutrition involves studying the relationships between dietary intake and disease using the tools of nutritional epidemiology and applying the knowledge gained to help prevent disease in the population (nutrition intervention).

The department of Dietetics in EMC offers nutritional assessment and dietary advice to our patients with the help of the best dietician in Ernakulam. The department staff includes a registered dietician who assesses all acute care patients with nutritional needs and schedules appointments for out-patients who need help with any diets that are ordered by their medical provider. The Senior consultant dietician is available prior to and/or during the hospital stay to accommodate any special dietary needs of the patient.

Our Services

We are committed to provide a comprehensive nutrition care program including medical nutrition therapy in a timely, effective and efficient manner to our patients. The program incorporates individual, ethnic and religious food preferences. The nutritional therapy program is integrated with treating doctors, patient nurses and canteen services.

All inpatients are assessed for possible nutritional risk within 24 hours of admission by the Senior consultant dietician. Ongoing monitoring of patients for possible nutritional risk occurs routinely as a part of reassessment.

The dietary therapy is planned in consultation with treating doctor and the patient/patient’s relative after taking into regard the patient’s food habits.

The best dietician in Ernakulam will be responsible for diet implementation, diet instruction, dietary consultation, nutritional assessment and development of nutritional care plans for all patients on therapeutic diets.

All outpatients shall be screened for possible nutritional risk by the consultant, who shall refer outpatients to the dietitian. Nutritional assessment shall also be undertaken upon patient’s self request.

The nutritional therapy shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Nutritional assessment
  • Nutritional therapy plan
  • Patient/family education
  • Diet order raising
  • Reassessment (includes nutrient intake analysis and nutritional risk identification)
  • Ensure that patient receives food as per the diet order