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NABH hospital accreditations & recognitions are a process that measures a hospital’s performance against a set of standards, normally set up by a government or international body. This is usually a voluntary process in which a team of trained external experts from the body evaluates a hospital’s compliance with a set of established performance standards. Consistent evidence has proved that an accreditation program improves the process of care provided by healthcare services.

Ernakulam Medical Centre has the following accreditations & recognitions to its credit;

NABH accredited hospital
• Certified as a SAFE-I hospital by NRHM (National Rural Health Mission of India)
• Recognition as a “Baby Friendly Hospital” by the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP)

What does an accreditation mean to patients ?

In an NABH accredited hospital, there is a strong focus on the following:
• Patient rights and benefits
• Safety for the patients
• Control and prevention of infections
• A high level quality of care
• Effective protocols for special care for vulnerable and critically ill patients
• Better and controlled clinical outcome.

NABH is a member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care [ISQua] that operates in over 100 countries and five continents.

So, in a NABH hospital, the patient can rest assured that the hospital follows stringent standards as laid down by NABH for providing best in patient care, comparable to any international hospital of repute.