Common Foot Problems

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Some of the common problems with your foot that may require medical attention are:
1. Fungal and bacterial conditions, including athlete’s foot – Mainly caused by fungal infections leading to itching, dry skin, redness, blisters and peeling. If keeping your foot clean and dry does not help, consult your doctor.
2. Corns and Calluses – Caused by friction and pressure when the bony part of the foot rubs against your shoes. Self medication using over-the-counter medicines may be harmful.
3. Warts – These are skin growths caused by viruses, sometimes painful and may spread, if untreated. Consult your doctor.
4. Bunions – Caused by a collapsing toe joint, pain in the big toe or in the toe joint. Needs medical attention.
5. Gout – Swollen big toe that hurts when touched. Consult your doctor.
6. Hammertoe – Caused by shortening of tendons that control the toe movement.
7. Spurs – Normally caused by muscle strain in the feet like being overweight or standing for long periods of time. Surgery may be needed sometimes.
8. Cellulitis – Part of your foot swollen or red, caused by infection. Consult your doctor, especially if you are diabetic.
9. Flatfoot – Occurs when the arches inside your foot is flattened and the entire sole of the foot touches the floor when standing up. Usually painless, but in some cases it becomes painful and medical attention will be helpful.
10. Diabetic foot – Nerve damage from diabetes causing loss of feeling in your feet, even when it is cut. If untreated, may lead to ulcers, infections and in serious cases, even amputation of the foot will be necessary

Note: The information provided above is addressed to the non-medical community as an educational reference and to answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the subject.
Please do not take this as a substitute for medical advice or resort to self medication. Kindly contact our consultant team for an accurate diagnosis of your ailment.