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General Surgery Procedures in EMC

As one of the oldest departments in the hospital, our surgeons have a proven track record of successfully performing a wide range of surgical procedures using the time tested open techniques to the latest laparoscopic ones.

Some of the specialized services routinely provided by the department include:

Upper Gastro Intestinal (UGI) surgeries
• Gastrectomy
• Small bowel resection

Lower Gastro Intestinal surgeries
• Anterior resection and AP resection
• Haemorrhoidectomy
• Colectomy
• Ano-rectal surgery such as prolapse, fistulas and fissures

Pancreatic Billiary surgeries
• Common Bile Duct Exploration (CBD)
• Cholecystectomy

Acute Care and Emergency General Surgery
• Appendicetomy:
• Intestinal perforation

Other surgeries
• Hernia Surgery
• Hydrocele repair (Adult & Paediatric)
• Circumcision (Adult & Paediatric)
• Thyroidectomy
• Mastectomy
• Surgeries for varicose veins
• Mesenteric cysts

Laparoscopic Surgeries

Paediatric Surgeries