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best icu hospitals in ernakulamIntensive care refers to special medical treatment provided to a dangerously ill patient under specialist care with close observation and constant monitoring. Such care is normally provided to patients who are critically ill or those recuperating from a major surgery, accidents or burns.

The Intensive Care Units (ICU) in EMC, the best ICU hospitals in Ernakulam with over 100 beds equipped with specialized instruments and monitoring systems provide individualized and comprehensive care to patients of all ages, from the new-born to the very aged. The excellent facilities are complemented by a dedicated and specialized team of doctors, nurses, dieticians and other therapists who ensure top quality care for your loved ones.

Our neonatal ICU is a Level III referral unit in the region that provides diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for extremely premature and medically fragile newborns.

We fully understand that infants or critically ill patients in ICUs may be unable to speak or decide on their own about their condition. Our compassionate care providers make it a point to interact constantly with the relatives or attendants of the patient to ensure that they are made aware of the care plans that we provide to their loved ones

The following ICUs are available in Ernakulam Medical Centre hospital.

Adult Multidisciplinary ICU
Neurosurgical Intensive Therapy Unit
High Dependency ICU
Neonatal ICU
Paediatric ICU
Gynaecology ICU
Burn ICU
Cardiac ICU
Isolation ICU
Trauma ICU