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The interdisciplinary team plays an important role in providing high quality service in any field, especially in handling adverse events that can be a critical factor in the case of healthcare. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate such events, it has been proved beyond doubt that proper co-ordination and communication between different care providers working under one roof, can significantly reduce the risk from such events.

The team of care providers in EMC include:

  • Clinical and surgical specialists with proven credentials in their respective disciplines.
  • Qualified teams of Nursing care providers to cater to each specific needs such as neonatal care, intensive care or elderly care.
  • Ancillary service providers such as physiotherapists, dieticians, audiologists, child development therapists, counselors and medical social workers.
  • Other dedicated service teams to manage other aspects of healthcare such as patient safety, infection control and patient relations.

Our interdisciplinary team aims to be an all-inclusive approach to meet the unique care needs of individuals.