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JANANI Package at EMC

The birth of a child is life’s greatest miracle. From conception to delivery, every moment is a special occasion to be cherished. With timely doctor’s consultations, prompt examination, scan, and CTG, you can keep a clear record of your health and the foetal health.

Ernakulam Medical Centre has a cost effective comprehensive antenatal package that includes all tests and consultations (excluding the cost of any medicines and consumables), right from conception to delivery.

JANANI ensures a comprehensive check on health of the mother and a careful monitoring of the foetal development during the entire pregnancy.

Composition of the JANANI package

The services under JANANI is trimester based.

A trimester is a measure of pregnancy starting from the first day of your last menstrual period, totaling 40 weeks.

• The first trimester of pregnancy is week 1 through 12, about 3 months
• The second trimester is week 13 to week 27
• The third trimester of pregnancy spans from week 28 to birth

The care provided through JANANI during each trimester includes periodic consultation with a specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecology consultant of your choice and the stipulated tests carried out during each visit, as per the schedule is given below:

Schedule of Hospital visits and investigations under the Janani  scheme :

6th Week Registration Urine Pregnancy Test
10th Week Visit USG, Group Rh, Hb, VDRL & Tridot, HbsAg & Blood RE, Urine RE, RBS, Injection TT(1)
14th Week Visit
18th Week Visit USG, Blood Hb, GCT, Urine RE
22nd Week Visit Injection – TT(2)
26th Week Visit
30th Week Visit
33rd Week Visit Hb, 2 Hour PPBS, Urine RE, GCT
34th Week Visit USG
36th Week Visit Hb, 2 Hour PPBS, Blood RE, Platelet Count, Blood Urea, S.Uric acid
38th Week Visit CTG
39th Week Visit Hb, Urine, CTG
40th Week Visit CTG

The cost of the package is split between the three trimesters and you can avail the services for the complete package or any of the individual trimesters as per your choice.

Cost of services – Trimester 1 – Rs.2000
Cost of services – Trimester 2 – Rs.3000
Cost of services – Trimester 3 – Rs.4000

Details of tests and investigations that will be carried out as part of the Janani scheme:

          • Consultation charges with our specialist doctors as per the schedule
          • Urine pregnancy test: A clinical laboratory test to confirm your pregnancy.
          • USG: A noninvasive Ultrasound scanning procedure to assess the location and growth of pregnancy during the different stages.
          • Group Rh: Rheus factor compatibility test for the mother’s blood group. If this is negative, there is a possibility of developing problems during pregnancy that needs to be addressed.
          • Blood Hb: To check the haemoglobin level in the blood to rule out anaemia.
          • VDRL: A normal check for syphilis as part of the routine for early pregnancy tests and it does not mean your doctor thinks you have syphilis.
          • Tridot: Test for HIV virus that can cause AIDS
          • HbsAg: This test is carried out to check for hepatitis B
          • Blood RE: Also known as blood routine, this is carried out to assess the various components of the blood cells that can affect pregnancy.
          • Urine RE: Routine test of urine, done regularly, for detecting infections that are common during pregnancy and can affect it adversely.
          • GCT: The Glucose Challenge Test is done to screen for gestational diabetes that develops during pregnancy. You will be made to drink a sugary solution and your blood sugar level will be measured after an hour.
          • RBS: Random blood sugar check to identify the presence of diabetes that can affect the mother as well as the child.
          • PPBS: Blood test to ascertain the level of glucose in your body after a meal.
          • Injection TT: The Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine is given during pregnancy in two doses to prevent the risk of tetanus to you and your baby.
          • CTG: Cardiotocography (CTG) is a test that is usually carried out in the third trimester to check your baby’s heartbeats. Checking that your baby’s heart is responding to movements is a means to ascertain that the baby gets enough oxygen from the placenta.

Based on the various screening tests mentioned above, your consultant can properly evaluate your physical condition, recommend any further treatment if required or take care of any nutritional deficiencies to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Planning in advance about proper antenatal care will immensely help in the later stages of your pregnancy and the JANANI package is a one-stop solution to achieve this.Special packages for delivery in our custom designed Birthing Suite will also be made available under the JANANI package.

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Please contact our Patient Relations Manager (Tel: (0484) 2907000 – Ext: 400) or our Gynaecology department co-ordinator (Tel: (0484) 2907000 – Ext: 138) for more details about the JANANI package.