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Neurosurgery Procedures


The neurosurgeries performed in the department belong to two types namely, the routine surgeries of the brain and spine to handle the general neurological disorders in adults or children and the emergency neurotrauma surgeries for critical care patients involved in accidents or other mishaps. Our surgeons have proven time and again their expertise and skill in handling trauma management. Some of the common surgeries that are performed are:




• EDH – Extradural haematoma
• SDH – Subdural haematoma
• SAH – Subarchnoid haematoma
• Intracerebral haematoma


Intracranial & Space occupying lesions


• Tumors – Benign, Meningeal or Others
• Vascular malformations – Aneurysms, Arteriovenous malformations (AVM)




• Intervertebral disc prolapse
• Spine Trauma
• Deformities of the spine


Other routine surgeries


• Craniotomy
• Brain tumors – both benign & malignant for adults and children
• Surgery for strokes
• Surgeries for brain haemorrhage
• Laparoscopic surgery for pituitary tumors & hydrocephalus
• Surgeries for spinal cord anomalies and tumors
• Surgery for cervical & lumbar spondylitic disease
• Neurosurgical management of acute head & spine injuries
• Laparoscopic neurosurgeries – various
• Micro neurosurgeries – various
• Spinal cord tumors – both benign & malignant
• Spine fracture fixation