Patient Responsibilities

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As a patient, you and/or your family members are expected to :

  • Be responsible for consequences related to the refusal of treatment or not following the medical teams’ advice.
  • Giving accurate and complete information at all times, including registration, consultation and discussion with medical personnel, and billing.
  • Reporting unexpected changes in the condition of the patient to the concerned medical team.
  • To understand and follow the treatment plan prescribed by the medical team.
  • Payment of their bills or making arrangements for the same before their discharge.
  • Patients or their familiy/by-standers should take care ofyour valuables or belongings in your room.
  • Restricting the number of visitors and complying with visiting hours during their hospitalization.
  • Responsible for cooperating with the staff of the hospital and respecting the property, and rules and regulations of the hospital, as well as property of others.