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Patient Wellness Programs in EMC

Prevention is better than cure, according to an old adage.

In the case of health care this is all the more important to ensure that you have a sound body and mind to excel in whatever activities you are engaged in.

In today’s highly competitive and technology driven world, we are sometimes forced to adapt different lifestyles than can trigger an onset of numerous diseases, some of which are new and for which effective treatment could be complicated, time consuming and expensive.

In most cases, an early identification of a symptom or a problem with your health can really help to avoid or lessen the impact when the situation becomes critical at a later stage.

With an increased focus personal responsibility to manage your health, we have a wide array of comprehensive health checkup programs for all ages and conditions.

These cost effective personal programs are designed to promote healthy behaviors and will also help you identify any minor ailments and symptoms which could lead to a major health problem, if left uncared.

Spare some time to invest in routine checkups for a healthy family from our array of patient wellness programs that we offer to you:

EMC Master Health Checkup Program (Male)Details..
EMC Master Health Checkup Program (Female)Details…
EMC Executive Healthcheckup (Male)Details…
EMC Executive Healthcheckup (Female)Details…
EMC Well Woman CheckupDetails…
EMC Child CheckupDetails…
JANANI – A comprehensive package for would be mothers – Details…


• We also carry out regular pre-employment medical checkups for our corporate clients in the region.
• EMC Wellness programs that include other day-care facilities are also available

For details on the above, please contact us at www.mail@emccochin.com