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Most women look forward to the birth of their baby with feelings of anticipation as well as excitement. However, for some, especially first time mothers, there could be a feeling of anxiety and an element of unknown fear about the risks that might arise during this physical and emotional event. This condition called tokophobia may be present in most women in varying degrees and in extreme cases could even lead them to decide against going through the entire process, though they may want to raise a child. The fear about childbirth can arise due to the following reasons:

  • Women who had gone through a traumatic first birth
  • Those who have heard “frightening stories” of birth from various sources, as in the case of first time pregnancy
  • Women suffering from gynaecological problems
  • Other anxiety disorders or depression

We at Ernakulam Medical Centre, strive to ensure that you have a safe and positive experience during childbirth. Our consultant doctors with vast experience in their specialities will address your gynaecological problems, if any, and ensure your medical fitness through the following:

  • Pre-conception evaluation
  • Dedicated antenatal care program JANANI (Click here for details)
  • Nutritional counseling

The next important step is to prepare yourself mentally for the big day. Our doctors and other counselors will ensure that you do not suffer from any undue stress that may include:

  • Over-anxiety and constant worry that affects your everyday life such as sleep disturbances and changes in eating habits.
  • Not enjoying your pregnancy and feeling emotionally disconnected with your baby.
  • General obsession about the birth and not being able to think beyond it.

We have recently commissioned a state-of-the-art birthing suite to guide you through your child birth. This is an all inclusive compact unit with an ambient environment, away from the normal hospital activities. Situated close to the operation theatres and the neonatal intensive care unit, any unforeseen medical emergencies are handled without any delay. Along with the modern facilities provided we also ensure a compassionate and patient-centric care from our staff, specially trained for labour room care.

The facilities include:

Located on the 2nd floor of the hospital the birthing suite provides a relaxing, clean and hygienic atmosphere.

birthing-suite-entrance birthing-suite-nursing-bay

Reception area
The plush waiting area takes care of the frizzled dads to be and other members of the family.

birthing-suite-reception birthing-suite2

Antenatal area
The antenatal area contains five beds, where a team of specialized nursing staff monitor your condition regularly and provides you with any assistance required. Visitors are not allowed in this area.

birthing-suite-antenatal-area1 birthing-suite-antenatal2

Birthing bay
There are 5 beds in the birthing bay, the place where the action starts. The modern labour room has a more scientific approach towards labour and birth. The unique bed relaxes the mother and puts minimum strain on her back. And you are under the watch of our specialists who will ensure that you are taken care of well. There is also a private birthing bay available.

birthing-bay1  labour-room-bed

Baby bay
Once you have done your part, your baby is moved to the baby bay where all the required care is given to the new arrival by the safe hands of our staff. You will be moved to the recovery area.

baby-bay baby-bay2

Recovery area
There are 6 beds in the recovery area, where our staff will provide you immediate postnatal care and monitor your recovery. Based on your condition and that of your baby you may be ready to go back home in a couple of days. In the event of any other medical conditions where more care is required for you or your baby, you will be advised by our consultants on the follow-up action.

recovery-1 birthing-suite-recovery2