Quality Audit in EMC

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measures of performance that are used by the hospital to measure how well they are performing against targets or expectations.

KPIs are set for all departments in the hospital and are documented by them in registers that are reviewed by the concerned Quality committee as per schedule

Implementation of our policies and procedures are gone under quality audit  in EMC regularly through

• Internal audit: every four months
• Clinical audit: as and when required
• Nursing audit: weekly
• Patient safety audit: daily
• Facility management rounds: weekly: team lead – fire safety officer

Quality improvement committee review & updates the hospital’s Quality improvement program in the following areas.

• Hospital incidents
• Hospital quality indicators
• New policies and procedures
• New forms and formats
• Performance of various committees
• Internal audit findings
• Clinical audit reports
• NABH assessment findings
• Corrective and preventive action reports