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The radiology department in EMC, one of the best radiology hospitals, provides a full range of medical imaging services for patients of all ages including infants. With advanced medical imaging equipment and an expert team of radiologists and other technical staff, EMC turned into the best radiology department. The radiology department caters to the radio diagnostic needs of the various departments in the hospital.

The radiology department works round the clock and the services of radiologists are always available on call. All equipment conform to the accepted standards related to radiation safety for patients and staff. Quality assurance tests are regularly conducted to ensure the performance and reliability of the equipment in accordance with the design specifications.

The diagnostic modalities provided by the radiology department include:

CT Scan – For Brain, Thorax, Abdomen Pelvis, Spine, KUB, Urogram, Neck, 3D CT, (plain/contrast) HRCT, Orbit, PNS, CT multiphase, CT angiogram – small parts, Extremities and Joints examination.

Ultrasonography – For Abdomen/pelvis, obstetrics, thyroid, breast, testis, orbits, paediatric brain, transabdominal, transvaginal and transrectal studies.

Color Doppler Scanning – For Obstetrics, abdomen pelvis, neck vessels, peripheral veins, peripheral arteries, testis examination

Other services include

  • Plain radiography
  • Barium studies
  • Guided FNAC / Biopsy
  • Intra venous urethrogram
  • Micturating cysto urethrogram
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Venogram
  • Sialogram