Medical emergencies can occur any time, at any place without any warning and may lead to life-threatening situations in the absence of timely healthcare intervention.

Some examples of such situations are severe chest pain, intense bleeding and compound fractures resulting from accidents, choking, fainting, poisoning and burns. Apart from the above there can also be instances where a patient may require urgent medical attention, but not treated as critical emergencies, due to conditions such as accidents at home and falls, sprains and strains, breathing difficulties, vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration. Timely medical attention is of great importance in handling such conditions.

We at EMC pride ourselves in our Accident & Emergency unit that has a proven reputation in the region for providing comprehensive critical care. The easy accessibility of our hospital and the multi-disciplinary specialties and state-of- the-art facilities available under one roof ensures that your loved one is in safe hands to recover from such traumatic experiences. Read More