While the mention of a surgical procedure, commonly referred to as an operation, may cause a sense of anxiety and fear in most people, it is sometimes one of the best and fastest option to get you back to good health, as directed by your medical consultant. In some cases it could be the only option available.

We, at EMC offer you comprehensive service in the areas of diagnosis and management of pre-operative, operative and post-operative care to patients who have to be treated for surgical conditions. Our specialist surgeons and anesthetists work in the best equipped surgical environments backed by a team of custom trained nursing and support staff to provide you top class care all round. We also take into account the preoperational anxiety that may be faced by the patients or their relatives and ensure that proper compassionate communication is maintained between them regarding the recommended treatment plans and its progress.

Surgical procedures are carried out in major specialities for all age groups from neonatal to adult patients through the conventional open surgery, endoscopic and laparoscopic routes including trauma cases.

Surgical Treatments available in EMC

The surgical  treatment plans available in the hospital are categorised under :

Emergency surgery – that must be performed without any delay as the patient is likely to risk life or a limb if the surgery is not done immediately, as in the case of accidents and other emergencies.
Elective surgery – a surgery that is planned in advance for medical reasons and does not normally constitute a critical condition.
Exploratory surgery – A surgery performed to aid or confirm a diagnosis, as in the case of cancer treatments.
Reconstructive surgery – To correct an injured, mutilated or deformed part of the body, as in the case of excisions .

Our specialist surgeons carry out a wide range of procedures, from the traditional open surgeries to minimally invasive laparoscopic, endoscopic and micro surgeries. Minimally invasive surgery results in less pain, quicker recovery and fewer complications.

Common surgical conditions that we routinely treat include :

In addition to the common conditions mentioned above, we also specialize in other minor surgical and wound debridement procedures that can be carried out without an inpatient stay in the hospital.