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The department of physiotherapy in EMC provides comprehensive services to treat a wide range of physical problems linked to different systems in the body through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

Service is provided in both outpatient and inpatient streams to reduce pain, restore movement and rehabilitate the patients to return to their daily activities following a dysfunction relating to the following:
• Musculo- skeletal system
• Obstetrics
• Paediatric conditions
• Orthopaedic conditions
• Cardio-pulmonary problems
• Neurological conditions

Using modern equipment and the skill acquired through years of experience, our qualified physiotherapists employ a wide range of modalities for treatment, that include:

• Interferential therapy – a method of applying low frequency current in the body to reduce and block pain.
• Ultrasound therapy – using high frequency sound waves that produce temperature elevation to the deeper structures without causing excessive heating of the superficial layers through the use of coupling agents.
• Shortwave diathermy – usage of frequency current to produce deep heat within body tissues for therapeutic purposes.
• Electric stimulation – use of electricity to stimulate nerves and muscles to accomplish a variety of therapeutic purposes, such as effect on de innervated muscles, innervated muscle and decreased spasm.
• Traction – Mechanical traction applied as a distraction force to the spine to separate vertebral bodies and elongate spinal structures.
Continuous passive motion – The passive movement of lower extremities through a pre-determined range of motion by the use of a mechanical device.
• Paraffin wax bath – application of hot wax through dipping with the lint cloth to patient’s extremities.
• Exercise therapy – physical activities to maintain the brain, nerve and muscle functions of patients suffering from diseases and dysfunction.

The physiotherapy services in EMC are designed for patients of all ages from infants to the very aged.

Our Consultants

Mr.Mathew Joy K
HOD, Consultant Physiotherapist

Mrs. Sujana S

Mrs. Deepa Anilkumar