Dr. N Dinesh

MD(Psych), DPM

    Dr. N Dinesh is a distinguished Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with a deep commitment to promoting mental health and well-being. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he offers comprehensive psychiatric care to individuals of all ages, helping them overcome a wide range of mental health challenges.

    Medical Qualification

    Dr. N Dinesh holds an MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Psychiatry, indicating his advanced training and specialization in the field of mental health. He also has a DPM (Diploma in Psychological Medicine), further highlighting his dedication to the study and treatment of psychiatric disorders.


      With years of clinical experience, Dr. Dinesh has helped countless individuals and families navigate the complexities of mental health. He emphasizes open communication, empathetic listening, and evidence-based treatments to provide the best possible care to his patients.

      His commitment to mental health advocacy and his dedication to his patients make him a trusted and respected Psychiatrist in the medical community.



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