Dr. Sheela Sadasivan

MD (Gynaec), DGO

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    Dr. Sheela Sadasivan is a Senior Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, bringing her extensive experience to EMC since joining in 2013. Her career, rich with diverse experiences in various State Government hospitals and institutions in Kerala, has established her as a respected figure in her field.

    She is trained in advanced laparoscopy, urogynaecology, no-scalpel vasectomy, and laparoscopic sterilization. Her expertise in these areas enhances her ability to provide comprehensive care to her patients.

    Her special interests include:

    • High-risk Obstetrics: Managing complex pregnancies to ensure the safety and health of both mother and child.
    • Urogynaecology-TOT Repair: Specializing in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders.
    • Adolescent Paediatrics & Gynaecology: Addressing the unique needs of teenagers and young adults.
    • Family Planning Procedures: Offering a range of contraceptive options and guidance.
    • Diagnostic Laparoscopy: Utilizing minimally invasive techniques for diagnosis and treatment.
Dr. Sheela Sadasivan


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