Dr. Sreelekshmi

MD (Pathology)

    Dr. Sreelekshmi is a dedicated Consultant Pathologist with expertise in the field of pathology. Her qualifications and experience make her an invaluable asset in diagnosing and interpreting various medical conditions through laboratory analysis.

    Medical Qualification

    She holds an MD in Pathology, showcasing her extensive knowledge and training in diagnostic pathology. Her qualifications reflect her commitment to delivering accurate and precise pathology services.


      As a Consultant Pathologist, Dr. Sreelekshmi is adept at performing a wide range of diagnostic tests and analyzing results for various medical conditions. Her expertise contributes significantly to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.

      She specializes in pathology, playing a crucial role in the diagnosis of diseases based on laboratory analysis of bodily fluids and tissues. Her dedication to the field ensures that patients receive accurate and timely diagnoses, facilitating effective medical interventions.

Dr. Sreelekshmi


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