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Clinical Psychology Services in EMC

We follow a compassionate approach to identify the underlying reasons of your problems through one-to-one or group sessions of talking therapy and motivate you to overcome the root cause of these problems.

As treating the condition of mind is a very complex process we take utmost care to ensure the following:

• Customized treatment plan for each patient through extensive consulting sessions.
• Allows the patient to talk freely about their problem without fear of criticism or judgement.
• Your case history is treated with absolute confidentiality between you and your counsellor.
• Motivate the patients to use their own insight in overcoming their problems.
• Encourages the family to engage as a unit in cases of family related issues.
• Keep track of the entire treatment plan for each patient through the different stages.

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Counselling and Psychotherapy provided for Students, Adolescents, Pre-Marital, Families, Stress related issues and Addictions.