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    • What are the emergency services in EMC?

The Accident & Emergency (A&E) department in EMC provides all necessary first line emergency services assistance, evaluation of any urgent medical conditions, and/or referral to other specialty departments as necessary, for patients who are suffering from accidents, trauma, or unforeseen medical conditions for pain relief.

    • What are the working hours of the A&E department?

The A&E department is a 24-hour facility available on all days, including holidays.

    • Do I need an appointment to visit A&E?

No prior appointment is required. However, we follow a triaging system to attend cases being handled by the department. Triaging is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition.

    • What service can I expect from the A&E department?

The patient will be immediately attended to by the resident doctor(s) to assess the medical condition. For minor cases where treatment can be provided in A&E, the patient can leave the hospital after the required procedures are carried out. For any major conditions that require specialized care, emergency procedures such as resuscitative measures, rapid sequence intubation or fluid replacement using pressure pumps will be carried out if necessary, in the intensive care unit of A&E. The A&E team will also contact the concerned specialist who will assess the condition and recommend the next stage of care plan for the patient, that may include emergency surgical intervention or admission to a specialized ICU for observation. The hospital may also recommend any alternate facility for further action if the required treatment procedures are not available in-house.

    • Is it necessary that I have to get admitted to the hospital after the assessment is carried out?

No, it is left to the patient or their family/attendants to take a call on this. You may, however, have to sign a declaration that the patient is being moved out on your free will and the hospital is absolved of any future responsibilities due to this action.

    • What are the most common causes that may require me to seek emergency care?

Emergency care is critical for any life threatening conditions to a patient. These can include major accidental injuries, stroke, snake bites, severe asthmatic conditions, burns or obstetrics and neonatal emergencies.

    • What facilities are available in EMC for emergency care?

Ernakulam Medical Centre, over the last thirty years, has an excellent track record for providing comprehensive trauma care in the region. We have the facilities, expertise, experience and commitment to handle most medical or surgical emergencies. Our burn ICU is one of the best equipped in Kerala to handle multiple burn cases. We also have the services of a qualified paediatric consultant round the clock to handle any emergency services medical conditions for children.