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    • How can I get admitted in EMC as an inpatient?

Inpatient admissions are carried out through any of the following:
Emergency admissions through our Casualty department.
As advised by a consultant in EMC.
Referrals from other hospitals or physicians.
The patient should have a EMC hospital registration number, if this is a first time visit to the hospital.

    • What is the admissions process in EMC?

Our staff will accompany the patient to the admissions desk to complete the necessary documentation, including a consent form that needs to be signed by the patient or his/her family member/attendant. The admissions desk staff will also provide you information about the room tariffs and an option to choose the type of accommodation, based on current availability.

    • What are the accommodation facilities available in EMC for inpatients?

Clean and well equipped private rooms in different categories (both AC and normal types) with TV and telephone in most of the rooms. Nurse calling system is also operative in all the rooms.

    • What are the facilities for patients bystanders/attendants?

We allow a bystander to be with the patient at all times, except in ICUs. At the time of admission, two (2 Nos) “Stay-Passes” are issued to each patient that allows one bystander to be always available beside the patient to offer emotional support and to provide a direct communication link for the care providers to timely update the patients’ family regarding the progress of treatment. Bystander accommodation is not charged separately, as long as the patient is present in the room.

    • Can a patient be transferred to another room from the one originally allotted, during the stay?

Yes, this can be done on request and subject to the availability of the desired category of room sought. If the required type of room cannot be allotted immediately, the request is kept pending till it can be fulfilled.

    • Do you have an ambulance service?

Yes, we have ambulance services available including a Critical Care ambulance with all support facilities to tranfer patients.

    • Can a patient be transferred to another hospital from EMC, during the stay?

Yes, this is possible after a signed declaration from the patient or his/her immediate relative or attendant who will bear the responsibility for this action. In certain cases where the treatment requires some special procedures or services not available in-house, the hospital may suggest another facility for the patient, if required.

    • What are the facilities provided to visitors of patients?

We allow visitors to the patients in private rooms as per the following schedule:
6:00 AM to 8:30 AM, 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on all days.
However, in certain cases visitors are not allowed to meet the patient at any time, as decided by the medical team.
The policies for visiting patients in ICUs may depend on individual cases, the details of which will be available with the nursing staff on duty at any given time.
In order to ensure maximum protection for our patients from infection and other related causes, we would request our visitors to be judicious in bringing children along with them and observe all regulations laid down by the hospital management for visitors.

    • Can I know the approximate cost of treatment/surgery at the time of admission?

Yes, you can get this information by contacting our Patient Services manager’s office located near to the main entrance of the hospital or through our Public relations staff located in the Casualty section.

    • How can I make payments for my inpatient services in the hospital?

We accept cash or major credit/debit cards for payment of bills. Cheques are not accepted. However, please note that as per Income tax regulation (U/s 269ST & 271DA), we cannot receive Rs 2 Lakhs and above in cash per day. Therefore, any amount above this limit to be remitted for your treatment will have to be paid by DD/Net Banking/Debit card/Credit card.

    • Do I have to pay a cash advance against my treatment in the hospital?

Yes, for patients who are not covered by reimbursement from insurance companies or hospital approved corporate establishments, periodic advance payments will be required. Please contact the our Patient Services manager for details.
We also provide a facility by which advance payments will ensure that all routine billings for investigations or medicine are handled by hospital staff, leaving you enough time to be with the patient.

    • I have a medical insurance policy. Is my TPA empanelled with you?

Yes, at present we have a tie-up with the following companies for cash-less insurance:
Apollo Munich Health Insurance
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
Chola MS General Insurance
Future Generali Insurance
HDFC Ergo General Insurance
ICICI Lombard General Insurance
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
MAX Bupa Health Insurance
Paramount Health Services
Raksha TPA
Reliance General Insurance
Religare Health Insurance
United Healthcare India
Vipul Medcorp TPA

    • How can I claim my re-imbursement from Insurance companies?

We have a dedicated Insurance service counter in our main reception area for guiding you with all information, assistance and documentation for this activity.