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Gynaecology Services in Kochi

EMC provides the best Obstetrics & Gynaecology treatment in Kochi  for our female patients in different age groups – from adolescence through childbearing and menopause periods.

Our comprehensive gynaecological care covers the following areas:

General gynaecology
Pregnancy & childbirth
• Maternal foetal medicine
Reproductive endocrinology
• Urogynaecology
Gynaecological oncology
Gynaecological Surgery (Laparoscopic and traditional open methods)

The services include:

• Outpatient and Inpatient consultation, evaluation and treatment for all common gynaecological conditions
• Counselling services for female health issues
Preconception evaluation and screening
• Treatment for recurrent abortions
• Advice on family planning and contraception procedures
• Non-surgical approach for myomas/endometriosis

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