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Nursing Services in EMC

Our Nursing departments is professionally managed by two Nursing Superintendents who are assisted by a team of Head nurses, Infection Control nurse and Nurse educator to co-ordinate the activities of our qualified Staff nurses, ANMs and Nursing assistants in service delivery.

As caregivers to the patient: We are committed to provide a holistic patient-centered care during your stay in the hospital and our nurses play a vital role in this activity. Depending on the individual needs of patients at different stages of their treatment process, our nurses ensure that total care is provided addressing their cultural, mental and spiritual needs concurrently.

As care managers for the patient: In a multidisciplinary hospital setting, it is essential that the care provided to a patient by other physicians and support teams are well coordinated to ensure that the treatment process is cohesive. Our nurses are trained to manage this activity to ensure that all needs of the patient are constantly met.

As communicators to the patient/family: It is believed that timely and efficient communication between the patient and/or the family members on the progress of the treatment will have a positive impact on the outcome of the healing process. Our nurses ensure that an effective communication channel is maintained between the patient/family members through a calm and empathetic approach to the patient’s needs.

As educators to the patient: Wherever possible, a patient needs to be educated on the basic treatment procedures and medication carried out, to assist them in understanding their health condition and for any preventive steps in this regard. This is an activity that is carried out by our nurses with the patient or their family.

Activities of the Nursing department

The department provides nursing care in the following areas:

  • Emergency patient care
  • Inpatient adult and pediatric care
  • Adult and Pediatric Intensive patient care
  • Dialysis patient care
  • Neonatal care
  • Burns patient care
  • Surgical patient care
  • Obstetric nursing care
  • End of life care

Apart from nursing services department provides patient education on the following:

  • Insulin injection
  • Breast feeding
  • Safe medication administration
  • Dressing care
  • Preparation for special procedures and investigations
  • Basic and advanced cardiac life support