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Patient care service is available on 24×7 basis for the following services:

• Provide information and assistance in accessing the patient care services, departments, and facilities available in the hospital.
• Emergency patient assistance in cases related to trauma, accidents.
• Addressing patient concerns and grievance redressal based on the hospital policies.
• Arrange patient transport through the ambulance services of the hospital, as required.
• Provide internal movement of patients through wheelchairs and patient trolleys.
• Protection of patient privacy and liaison with the hospital safety department on matters related to patient safety.
• Provide information and assistance on patient rights and patient responsibilities as per the hospital policy.
• Notifying the family of patients in matters relating to medical emergencies, as required.
• Assistance in handling medico-legal cases brought to the hospital through the local police administration.
• Provide assistance in the timely patient discharge process for inpatients, including the documentation of medical insurance claims for treatment in the hospital.
• Services of a medical social worker to provide psycho-social support to the patients and their families with problems that accompany an illness, its recovery and rehabilitation.
• Arranging programs for patient education on general healthcare issues through special clinics and other events on a routine basis.