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Psychiatry Services in EMC

The psychiatry department in the hospital provides compassionate outpatient and inpatient care to children and adults with mental health problems.

Mental health problems mainly belong to two types namely:

• Neurotic symptoms that range from the daily worries we all have from time to time, which can be managed without any serious medication or clinical treatment.
• Psychotic symptoms with serious long term problems that require treatment to manage them effectively.

Psychotic symptoms interfere with a person’s perception of reality and may include hallucinations. These include seeing, smelling, hearing or feeling things that no one else can. People experiencing psychosis may also form unrealistic views about themselves, other people and the world around them.

Factors affecting mental health

A range of factors can impact our mental health that includes

• Genetics
• Prolonged stress
• Physical illness
• Traumatic events
• Economic and social issues

Mental health issues with psychotic symptoms include:

• Scizophrenia
• Eating disorders
• Substance abuse
• Bipolar disorders
• Personality disorder

Symptoms of mental health problems

Unlike in physical disorders, there are no obvious symptoms for mental and emotional well being, as each individual is different from one another. The symptoms are often hidden or mistaken for other things.

Some general signs to look for could include:

• Avoiding social contact
• Brooding or excessive crying
• Feeling tired
• Drop in productivity
• General neglect of personal care

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