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Radiology Services in EMC

The diagnostic modalities provided by the department include:

CT Scan – For Brain, Thorax, Abdomen Pelvis, Spine, KUB, Urogram, Neck, 3D CT, (plain/contrast) HRCT, Orbit, PNS, CT multiphase, CT angiogram – small parts, Extremities and Joints examination.

Ultrasonography – For Abdomen / pelvis, obstetrics, thyroid, breast, testis, orbits, paediatric brain, transabdominal, transvaginal and transrectal studies.

Color Doppler Scanning – For Obstetrics, abdomen pelvis, neck vessels, peripheral veins, peripheral arteries, testis examination

Other services include
• Plain radiography
• Barium studies
• Guided FNAC / Biopsy
• Intra venous urethrogram
• Micturating cysto urethrogram
• Hysterosalpingography
• Venogram
• Sialogram

MRI Scan facility is also available in the hospital.