Why Choose NABH Accredited Hospitals

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While choosing a hospital for emergency care, it is normal to choose the one nearest to you.

However, for any elective choice, it makes sense to select one where you can be reasonably assured to receive the best care for your ailment.

More important than the infrastructure, it is essential to know if the hospital has a documented process for all its healthcare activities – clinical care, investigations, medicines, nurse doctor coordination, infection control practices, training, and so on – that need to run seamlessly in the background to provide the best experience to the patient and the relatives.

A quality conscious hospital should define all such activities internally through effective documentation that include detailed job responsibilities, work instructions, checklists and quality indicators for the staff to follow. It is also important that these activities are regularly audited and reviewed.

However, it makes it difficult for a patient to effectively verify if such procedures are regularly followed in a healthcare facility.

An accreditation from a national agency such as NABH for a hospital is a reasonable guarantee that the establishment will strive to provide you service based on the global healthcare standards set by the agency. These include a set of stringent 500 plus objective elements for the hospital to achieve in order to get the NABH accreditation.

Obtaining NABH accreditation is a voluntary process by the hospital with a  commitment to maintain exceptional standards in healthcare delivery, as a continuous process.

As a NABH accredited hospital, we assure you the following in all aspects of our activities – from registration, admission, pre-surgery, peri-surgery and post-surgery protocols, discharge from the hospital to follow-up with the hospital after discharge, as detailed below.

Patient rights for information and benefits
Total quality management in Investigative procedures
Medication safety
Surgical safety
Control and prevention of infections
Infrastructure & Facilities Management
Other Services

Our patients can be assured that the hospital follows stringent standards laid down by NABH, as mentioned above, for providing the best in patient care comparable to any international hospital of repute.