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Emergency Medical Care in Kochi

Our reputation as one of the best emergency care hospitals in Kochi is based on the services of our Accident & Emergency (A&E) dpartment, one of the oldes/accident-emergency-kochi/t units in the hospital.

With over three decades of proven track record in the field of accident & trauma care, the unit continues to be the first choice for patients with all types of medical and surgical emergencies including paediatric, obstetric and gynaecological cases.

Our state-of-the-art Burns ICU is a referral centre for the treatment of burn injuries and attracts patients from all over Kerala.

Some of the routine emergency procedures that we handle include:

• Resuscitative measures, rapid sequence intubation and fluid replacement using pressure pumps.
• Management of blood loss and shock.
• Neurosurgical emergencies involving airway management, convulsions and spinal injuries.
• Open and closed chest & abdominal trauma, intercostal chest tube drainage and special resuscitative measures in cases of internal or external bleeding.
• Orthopaedic trauma including wound debridement, POP application, placement of limb traction, closed reduction of dislocations etc.
• Oral & maxillofacial trauma that involves airway management and reduction of TMJ dislocations.
• Top class burns management for industrial or domestic fire accidents including fluid replacement and burn dressings.
• Poisoning cases including best care for snake bites
• All types of paediatric emergencies.
• Medical emergencies including cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) , acute coronary syndrome, poisoning, envenomations (anthropod bites) , acute dyspnoeic states like severe asthma.
• Surgical emergencies such as abdominal or gastrointestinal bleeding.
• Psychiatric emergencies like manic states.
• ENT & Ophthalmologic emergencies, epistaxis, foreign body removal etc.
• Gynaecologic emergencies and resuscitative measures in case of internal bleeding.
• Treatment for all types of wounds