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Some of the common ENT problems treated in the hospital are listed below. You can always consult our specialists for additional advice or information on any symptoms not appearing in the list.


Treatment for hearing loss – This is a common problem faced by a large section of the patients belonging to all age groups. Hearing loss can be conductive – due to problems in the ear canal, middle ear or the ear drum. It can also be a sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) – due to problems of the inner ear as a result of nerve related conditions.
Otoscelerosis – Hearing loss due to an abnormal bone growth near the middle ear.
Hearing testing for the new-born
Tinnitus – imaginary ringing noise in the ear
Treatment for ear aches and ear infections for infants and other age groups
Swimmer’s ear – a painful condition due to acute infection arising out of the the water getting trapped in the ear. Often affects children and teenagers.
Otitis media – inflammation of the middle ear due to infections. It is also the most common cause of hearing the loss in children.
Vertigo, motion sickness, and Meniere’s disease – dizziness, loss of equilibrium and balance disorders while walking or standing.
Ear molds
Ear trauma due to injury

Nose and Mouth

• Sinusitis and polyps
• Nasal congestion and stuffy nose
• Postnasal drips – caused by increased secretion of mucus and related swallowing problems
• Taste and smell disorders
• Various types of nosebleeds – commonly found in children
• Broken nose – arising out of injuries or falls
• Mouth sores
• Tumors or growth in the mouth
• Snoring
• Obstructive sleep apnea
• Breathing difficulties
• Hayfever
• Allergy testing and immunotherapy

Throat & Voice

• Treatment for swallowing problems
• Gastroesophagal reflex (GERD)
• Laryngitis – a sore throat and hoarseness
• Various Vocal cord problems

Head & neck

• Salivary gland disorders
• Facial nerve disorders
• Thyroid cancer

ENT Surgeries

A wide range of ENT surgeries is routinely conducted by our specialists including endoscopic surgeries in our well-appointed operation theatres.

Coblation surgery has been recently introduced for ENT problems procedures in the hospital. This advanced technique ensures that there is virtually no blood loss during the surgeries and reduced pain.