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What is a fissure in ano?
A fissure in ano is a crack or a cut in the back passage

Is it painful?
Yes, fissure is an extremely painful condition, especially so during defecation.

What other symptoms can it cause?
A fissure can also cause bleeding. Usually the bleeding is not serious.

Can a fissure cause constipation?
No. However, long standing constipation can be one of the causes for a fissure.

 Is it my diet, that is the cause for fissure?
It could well be the result of your diet, if it does not contain enough fiber. A high fiber diet is very beneficial and can, to a large extent, help reduce the incidence and severity of these ailments.

Is there any particular food substance that I should avoid?
No. You don’t need to avoid any particular food substance. However, if you are not comfortable following ingestion of something ( e.g. prawns – skin itches, rashes et.), it is only common sense to avoid it. Whatever you eat, a high fiber content needs to be ensured.

What is the treatment for fissure?
The mainstay of treatment is surgical. In recent years, certain medicines have been found useful in some patients with fissure. The pain during defecation can be reduced by the application of some ointment prior to the act.

Is the operation for this condition long and painful?
No. In fact it is a simple, short procedure which requires a general anaesthetic.

How long will I be required to remain in the hospital for this procedure?
Hospitalization for the surgical treatment of fissure in ano will be required only for a day or two.

When can I see you doctor?
Every Wednesday, at the Piles Clinic between 10:00 AM & 12:00 noon and 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

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