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What is fistula in ano?
A fistula in ano is a track or passage between the anal canal and the skin outside the anus.

What are its symptoms?
The fistula can have active and inactive phases. During the active phase, a swelling appears outside the anal canal and becomes more and more prominent along with pain. After few days, the swelling bursts with discharge of pus and blood. The swelling and pain then tends to diminish. This occurs in cycles. During the inactive phase, though the swelling may be seen and felt outside the anal canal, it remains dry and painless.

What is the cause of fistula?
This usually results from an infection and boil/abscess close to the anal canal, which bursts thereby resulting in a passage between the skin and the anal canal. Less commonly, however, this can be the result of more serious underlying diseases like tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease and malignancy.

How do you diagnose this condition, doctor?
Fistula in ano can easily be diagnosed by a simple examination of the back passage and adjacent skin.

What is the treatment of this condition?

Surgery is the only method of treatment for fistula.

Can I have some medicines for fistula?
Unfortunately, no. Surgery remains the only form of treatment for this condition and no medicine has been found effective for this illness to date.

Is the operation for fistula very long and painful?
The operation for fistula becomes simple or complicated depending on the location and internal opening of the fistula. In a high fistula, the procedure can become very complicated in contrast to that of a low fistula where it is very simple.

What are the chances of recurrence following operative treatment?
Fistulas are notorious to recur. However, the chances of recurrence would be higher for a complicated high fistula and very low for a simple low fistula in ano.

Is this a dangerous illness, doctor?
Fortunately, no. However, this can be the cause of protracted discomfort and inconvenience. Though not dangerous, it is generally more problematic than other common ailments of the back passage i.e. haemorrhoids or fissure.

When can I see you doctor ?
Every Wednesday, at the Piles Clinic between 10:00 AM & 12:00 noon and 5:00PM to 7:00 PM.

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