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The care provided in a hospital generally involves services rendered in different settings such as Wards, High Dependency Units (HDU) and Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Intensive care can be broadly classified as a service for patients who have potentially recoverable conditions and can benefit from a more detailed observation and treatment that can be provided safely in a ward or HDU.

Such cases normally include threatened or established organ failures mostly arising out of acute illness , trauma or as a predictable phase in the treatment plan.

ICU facilities provided by EMC are of the highest standards of special care characterized by the following:

• Set in well defined separate areas in a sterile and safe environment.
• An identified consultant to direct the treatment plan, with support from the in-house multidisciplinary teams.
• Round the clock medical care by specialist nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and other technical staff.
• A minimum nurse to patient ratio of 1:1 along with additional resources depending on patient specific needs.
• Effective communication between the teams involved in the treatment plan.
• Modern equipment and measuring systems to support common organ system failures, in particular, ventilatory, circulatory and renal failures.
• Documented and clear operational policies for providing clinical, technical and administrative support.
• Continuing education and training of medical and nursing staff.