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Limb Lengthening by Ilizarov method
Named after Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, a Russian orthopaedic surgeon, Ilizarov method is a type of external fixation procedure used in orthopaedic limb lengthening surgery in Ernakulam with excellent results for the following conditions:
• Limb deformity correction in children and adults
• Straightening bent legs
• To increase the length of limbs
• For treating complex bone fractures
• Treatment of knee arthritis in the early stages
How it works
limb lengthening surgery in ernakulamThe method uses the ability of the bone and soft tissues to regenerate itself by distraction (pulling apart).
The distraction of the bone is achieved using a device known as the Ilizarov fixator, a set of stainless steel rings, rods, wires and nuts, surrounding the limb.
The device is attached to the two ends of the bone during surgery. By adjusting the device using nuts, the ends of the bone are moved slightly apart by tension.
The body’s natural process fills this gap by new bone and tissues. The device remains in place until the new bone becomes strong, over a period of months.
The unique shape of the device and the tensioned wires help to transfer the weight to be evenly distributed away from the site of the joint. This allows the patient greater freedom of movement and comparatively lesser pain.
During the post-operative period, the progress of the treatment will be closely monitored by your doctor and necessary adjustments made to the fixator settings, till it is finally removed at the end of the treatment.
Advantages of the Ilizarov method over the conventional procedures
The Ilizarov method of limb reconstruction has many advantages over the conventional procedures, as given below:
• It is less invasive than the conventional methods. As only wires are used for attaching the fixator to the limb, skin incisions are reduced, leading to less bleeding, infection and damage to the soft tissues.
• Since the Ilizarov fixator resides outside the limb, there will be no metal parts left inside the body after the treatment.
• As the post operative monitoring of bone growth is controlled from outside, there will not be a need for an additional surgery to make any corrections.
• The circular shape of the device ensures a more stable and even distribution of stress across the bone joints. This also benefits the patient in terms of greater mobility and a reduced stiffness of the joints.
• It holds fragments of the bone together allowing them to unite better during the treatment.
• Highly effective for children as well as adults.

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