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EMC Master Health Check (Male)

Recommended for persons above 35 years, this comprehensive master health check up package in EMC includes consultations with specialist physicians based on the results of the following investigations.

• Haemogram (Complete Blood Count + ESR)
• Blood grouping and Rh typing
• Blood sugar (Fasting + Post prandial)
• Lipid Profile
– Total Cholesterol
– HDL / LDL Cholesterol
– Triglycerides
– Total Cholesterol /HDL Ratio
• Liver function tests
– Total Protein/Albumin/Globulin
– Alkaline Phosphatase
– Bilirubin
• Serum Creatinine
• Blood Urea
• Routine urine analysis
• X-Ray – Chest
• Ultrasound Scan – Abdomen
• Treadmill test
• Consultation with Physician
• Consultation with Cardiologist
• Consultation with Ophthalmologist

You will also receive medical advice for the treatment of any anomalies observed during the checkup.

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