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Maternity Care in EMC

EMC provides one of the best maternity care facilities in Kochi for the overall health of women from the stages when they plan their pregnancy, become pregnant, during the period till childbirth and the safe return to home with your baby.

The components of maternity services in EMC are divided into the three stages of pregnancy, namely antenatal, intrapartum (birth) and post natal care. In addition, we also have top class neonatal care facilities for your baby, as an extension of our maternity care services.

Our Maternity Care plans cover the following:

Pre-conception evaluation: The highly experienced specialists from our Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department , can provide you with a pre-conception evaluation checkup and advice to get your body ready for the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Antenatal Care: Care during the three trimesters of pregnancy (39 weeks) that involves regular consultation sessions with your doctor and detailed investigations to identify and reduce any possible risk to you or your baby. These sessions also allow you to freely interact with your doctor to discuss any concerns or problems that you are unsure about pregnancy, especially for first time mothers. Learn more about our JANANI package  that provides a comprehensive plan for the best antenatal care in Kochi.

Intrapartum Care: Care provided in our modern birthing suite for healthy women and their babies, during labour and immediately after the birth. It focuses on women who give birth between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. Learn more about the Birthing Suite in EMC.

Postpartum Care: Postpartum period refers to the first 6 weeks after childbirth when your body will change as it returns to its earlier condition. This also include advice on breastfeeding and taking proper care of your new-born child.

Neonatal Care: Highly specialized care provided by qualified neonatologists for premature babies or babies with low birth weight. The Level III Neonatal ICU in EMC is a referral centre in the region for all complicated neonatal conditions or emergencies. Read More…