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Pain management

Pain management is a branch of medicine that deals with an approach to treat distressing symptoms such as pain during treatment and healing and if not properly addressed may lead to adverse physical and psychological outcomes for patients and their families.

We at EMC offer a comprehensive range of services for patients with acute or chronic pain through an interdisciplinary team specialized in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and clinical psychology.

How we do this
Compassionate communication with the patient to assess the severity of pain during all stages of treatment.

The patient’s need for pain management is carried out during the admission process using recognized pain scales.

If pain is identified at this stage, a detailed assessment is carried out to determine the type, location, history and intensity of pain to decide a treatment plan using any or all of the following

• Interventional procedures
• Medication management
• Physiotherapy
• Psychological counselling or support

The patient’s report of pain will be accepted as the key indicator of the amount of pain he/she is experiencing.

The patient will be positioned for optimal comfort and expression of fears and anxieties will be discouraged as far as possible.

The patient/family will receive information and education regarding pain, risk factors, methods for pain management and side effects, if any.