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Quality Improvement Programs in EMC

Quality may be defined as consistent delivery of a product or service according to expected standards. Quality of health care, according to WHO is the “level of attainment of health systems’ intrinsic goals for health improvement and responsiveness to legitimate expectations of the population”.

We firmly believe that quality is not an accident and as a NABH accredited hospital, we are committed to achieve international standards of healthcare through a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program in our structure, process and outcomes.

Through this program, we strive to deliver the most advanced medical knowledge and practices to our patients, while treating them with empathy, respect and concern.

Our quality culture and methodology

EMC has a total quality culture summed up as “Changing hearts, Minds and Attitudes”. We emphasize on continual improvement in all our processes that involve patient care.

The importance of hospital quality improvement is well understood and supported by our top management and the entire organization is part of the quality improvement journey.

We ensure employee participation through quality circles. It implies the development of skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity of the people through cumulative process of education, training, work experience and participation. A process centric approach is used for quality assurance and “measure first” is our policy.

How we strive to achieve Continuous Hospital Quality Improvement?

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