pulmonary doctor

Pulmonology is the speciality that deals with diseases of the respiratory tract and respiratory disease. The speciality is generally considered a branch of internal medicine, although it is closely related to intensive care medicine when dealing with patients requiring mechanical ventilation.

Interventional Pulmonology is a relatively new field within pulmonary medicine that deals with the use of procedures such as bronchoscopy to treat several pulmonary diseases.

The Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery offer advanced diagnosis, surgery, and life-saving procedures. With the collaborative expertise of our pulmonary doctor and Thoracoscopic surgeon, the best of what you need are never far away.

pulmonary doctor
OP & IP services for treating all cases that include
• Lung diseases that affect the airways
• Lung diseases affecting the Intestitium
• Lung diseases affecting the air sac (Alveoli)
• Lung diseases affecting the blood vessels
• Lung diseases affecting the Pleura
• Lung diseases affecting the chest wall

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pulmonary doctor
Specialist inter-disciplinary consultation and other investigative facilities

pulmonary doctor
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Dr.Shalini Vinod, MBBS , DNB(Pulmonology)
Consultant Pulmonologist