As a patient in our hospital, we welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions regarding the services we have provided during the course of your treatment via the patient satisfaction survey form.

Please take a few moments to complete the form below to indicate if we have met your expectations regarding our service. We carry out this activity only as part of our constant endeavour to measure our patient satisfaction levels and would like to assure you that the details you provide will remain confidential and would in no way affect your treatment in the hospital.

Service areas and ratings
S.NoService AreasExcellentGoodSatisfactoryPoor
1Admission procedure at reception
2Medical care - Quality
3Medical care - Explanation of procedures
4Nursing care - Friendliness
5Nursing care - Professionalism
6Nursing care - Frequency of visits
7Nursing care - Response to calls
8Room - Facilities
9Room - Security
10Housekeeping - Cleanliness of room
11Housekeeping - Cleanliness of bathroom
12Housekeeping - Cleanliness of public areas
13Laboratory / Investigations services
14Pharmacy services
15Technical services - Lifts, TV, AC, Telephone etc.
16Canteen facilities - Quality of food
17Canteen facilities - Quality of service
18Billing activities - Ease of procedures
19Time taken for final discharge
20Overall satisfaction level for the Hospital

Note: If your response to any of the service elements mentioned above is "POOR", we would request you to provide a brief outline of the situation(s) leading to such a choice, in the space below. This would help us analyze the situation and initiate any corrective action, if required. You may also use this space for any other suggestions for improvement of the facilities provided to our patients.

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