Plastic Surgery Procedures

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The Conditions we treat

The conditions that we treat include the following:

Surgery for correction of congenital abnormalities: Correction of birth defects such as
– Cleft lip
– Cleft palate
– Hypospadias
– Abnormalities of hand etc.

Cosmetic Surgery
– Abdominoplasty to reduce the size of abdomen
– Liposuction to reduce fat
– Rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose
– Correction of ear deformities
– Mammoplasty to correct the size and shape of breasts
– Correction of gynecomastia (large breasts in male)

Reconstructive surgery
– Craniofacial surgery
– Reconstruction of tissue defects after traumatic injuries
– Excision of malignancies and covering with flap

Treatment for burns