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Small Bowel Resection

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Small bowel also known as small intestine plays an important role in the digestive system by absorbing the nutrients from the food that we eat. Intestinal blockages or other bowel diseases can damage the function of the small intestine putting your health at risk. In such cases a surgery may be required to overcome this condition. This surgery is known as small bowel resection.


Some of the symptoms of small bowel obstruction are


• Occasional abdominal pain
• Constipation
• Loss of appetite
• Vomitting


When is this surgery recommended ?


Your doctor, after the necessary clinical examination can recommend this surgery for the following conditions:


• Severe ulcers or bleeding in the small intestine
• Intestinal blockage, either congenital or resulting from scar tissues
• Non cancerous tumors
• Polyps
• Intestinal cancers
• Crohn’s disease
• Regional ileitis
• Regional enteritis
• Meckel’s diverticulum



Note: The information provided above is addressed to the non-medical community as an educational reference. Please do not take this as a substitute for medical advice or resort to self medication. Kindly contact our consultant team for an accurate diagnosis of your ailment.